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The automatic arc spraying production line for ceramic core of capacitor delivered by UCT
Source: UCT    Date: 2017-12-19 10:35:22
UCT delivered a set of fully automated arc spraying production line for ceramic core (insulator) of high voltage capacitor in early November 2017. The said ceramic core (insulator) is a cylindrical part of ceramic matrix used for the insulation of high voltage capacitor, so both ends of which need to be sprayed with aluminum or silver for conducting electricity. Due to the requirement for spraying work is so large, a set of fully automated production line is needed to guarantee the output. 

For this project, Beijing UCT has designed and manufactured an automatic aluminum arc spraying production line of its own independent intellectual property rights, which adopts the conveying belt, manipulator and L’arc-pro high-performance arc spraying equipment produced by UCT, in addition to which, all the software is also developed by UCT itself. At present, the system has been running smoothly in the client end, and is highly praised by all the staffs thereof. 


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