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The way for domestic suppliers to cope with rapid rising of OLED, panel display & semiconductor
Source: UCT    Date: 2018-02-17 00:00:00

The successful operation of BOE’s G10.5 production line in Hefei, China is a undoubtable indication of the all-around rising of the panel manufacturing sector in mainland China, and will surely accelerate the entire industry to realize the pattern changing which features "China’s advancing, South Korea’s shrinking and Japan’s retreating" . This great tendency not only marks that BOE will become the top runner of the display industry in the world, but also that China will become the manufacturing center of the same field.

The display panel industry, as a branch of semiconductor, has always been the dominant field of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. However, with the production, R&D and investment move toward mainland China in recent years, large and medium-sized enterprises are accelerating their arrangements of relevant industrial chains. As might be imagined, although the key parts on the production line are now still imported from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, some local parts suppliers of technical advantages will stand out with the extension and maturing of the industry in China, while those Chinese manufacturers who, as the suppliers of the industrial leaders such as BOE and etc., want to keep their competitiveness in the future against the enterprises from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, must set out to develop qualified local suppliers as soon as possible so as to convert the local advantages into their competitive capacities.

Thermal spraying is a key technology in the field of semiconductor and flat panel display. It is applied to both etching machines for semiconductor wafer production and key components of flat panel display. Beijing UCT has its unparalleled advantages over foreign competitors in this application, because it not only provides equipment, but also provides spraying processes, enabling the users to have qualified sprayed products under the guidance of our technical personnel after purchasing our spraying equipment. And the realization of which benefits from UCT’s long-term technological reserves since it has once provided services for foreign semiconductor enterprises in previous works and has carried out the development of relevant coatings and the national level project research works together with the companies like NMC and the others.

Beijing UCT is willing to join hand with domestic enterprises to promote the rapid progress of China's semiconductor and display panel industries together.


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