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System aftersale service engineer(Number: 2)  Working place: Changping
● Job responsibilities:

- 70% to resolve customers’ questions or problems over the telephone or internet in the areas

  of system configurations/setup, product functionality, enhancements & upgrading. 

- 20% to promote and maintain a high quality, professional, service-oriented company image among users.
- 10% to promote the sales of consumables and parts 
- Other duties as assigned

● Job requirements:

- Fluent in English or English native speaker
- Electrical engineering background preferred

International distributor(Number: 2)  Working place:
● Job responsibilities:

Distributing thermal spray systems and materials at designated areas in the world, including North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Japan.

For highly qualified distributors, we offer: 

- Superior products with superior pricing

- World class technical support and training

- Exclusive territories subsequent to a trial period

- Favorable terms/allowances for trials required to open new accounts in new territories  

To inquire about becoming a distributor of United Coatings Technology Co., Ltd. Please submit your CV to jeff.jia@united-coatings.com. Your previous working experiences on thermal spray will be valuable and helpful for the future marketing and sales.

● Job requirements:
Previous working experiences on thermal spray will be valuable and helpful for the future marketing and sales.
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